Meet The BBBeauty Team

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Brittany - Owner/Operator - @bbbeautybtq

Brittany’s Passion for All things Hair & Beauty are deep within her family roots. Inspired by her grandparents, Doreen & Royston who had their own Beauty Salon in 1952, Brittany always dreamed of having her own Beauty Boutique just like them.

At 21 years of age, Brittany started her own Mobile business travelling to her client’s homes to do their hair and makeup. With appointment demand so high her business grew to the point where she then opened her first Boutique in Bradford Ontario in 2013.

Hair is our biggest accessory. How we want to express our style can be just within a great colour & cut. The Beauty industry is constantly evolving and trends are rapidly changing, Brittany is not only here to keep her clients current but also help you recreate that look at home. Brittany loves sharing her passion with her clients, reaching their beauty goals and seeing them leave so happy is so rewarding to her.

Specializes In:
Updos & Mobile Weddings

Favourite Redken product:
Pillow Proof Extending Dry Shampoo’ –Brittany Buck

Favourite beauty tip:
For a more secure updo, always use your bobby-pin with the grooved side flush to your head.

Favourite quote:
“The best colour in the world. Is the one that looks good on you.”
–Coco Chanel

Favourite Celebrity:
Jennifer Aniston

Best part about my career:
“Helping my clients feel great about themselves with the expression of their beauty and building that trusted relationship to help them express their inner self. That is the kindest reward for my passionate work.”



Alessia – Hairstylist - @alessiapereirahairstylist

Alessia has been in the hair Industry since 2004. She has a deep passion for hair and beauty and enjoys sharing that passion with her clients and coworkers every day. Alessia loves working in the learning environment at BBBeauty, and sharing her knowledge that she has learnt over the years with her team mates. She very much enjoys the connection with her clients and touching not only their hair but their hearts. Alessia looks forward to making her client’s hair dreams come true.

Specializes In:
Micro Link Hair Extensions

Favourite Redken product:
All Soft Mega Hydra Melt Leave in Treatment

Favourite Beauty Tip:
To keep the longevity of longer lasting hair colour, wash your hair with cold water.

Favourite quote:
“Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself”
–Coco Chanel

Favourite Celebrity:
Kerry Washington

Favourite Part of Your Career:
Making people feel happy and beautiful with themselves.



Flo – Hairstylist Level 2 - @hairstylesbyflo

I am 23 years old and lived in Bradford for 12 years. I am very athletic , I’d say my favourite sports are basketball and volleyball. Before starting my dream career at BBBeauty Boutique, I worked at McDonalds for 5 years, got my diploma at the Canadian Beauty College and worked at different salons! Through my struggles and successes I have gained more knowledge and experience than I ever thought I could! In the 4 years that I’ve been doing hair, I’ve realized that if you go to work loving what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life. It’s something I wouldn’t change for the world!

Profession Specialty:

Beauty or Barber Tip:
Use your Blow-dryer to blast cold air for shine!

Favourite Redken Product:
Blondage shampoo/ playSafe

Favourite Quote or words you live by:
In the end we only regret the chances we didn’t take.

Your Celebrity Inspiration/Fav Celebrity:
Ed Sheeran

Best Part of your career:
Doing what I love , with the people I love!

Favourite Food:
Steak and Mashed Potatoes & McDonalds

Something You couldn’t live without:



Charlotte - Customer Service Specialist



Afsaneh - Hairstylist @afs_hair

I’ve been in the industry since 2015, I have a new puppy, I love to travel, my favourite colour is blue, I have recently become a Canadian citizen, I enjoy building strong client/stylist relationships, my creativity doesn’t stop behind the chair, I also love to paint and draw, and when I was a kid, I used to be terrified of hairstylists, so I bring a big smile and bright attitude to help others overcome their fear of hairstylists.

Stylist level: Level 1 Stylist

Profession Specialty: Balayage & Highlights

Beauty Tip: Did you know brushing your hair can help your hair grow and prevent hair loss.

Favourite Redken product: Extreme length Leave in Treatment

Favourite Quotes or words you live by:
Do something today that your future self will thank you for.

Your Favourite Celebrity: Celine Dion

Best part of your career: Putting smile on Client’s faces

Favourite food: Pizza and Pasta

Something you couldn’t live without: My family, my career and of course my phone 



Inês - Makeup Artist/ Aesthetician - @isbeauty_mua

Inês loves working at BBBeauty Boutique because of the people she works with and the people she gets to meet every day. She enjoys greeting our guests as soon as they walk into the salon and making them feel like they are part of the BBBeauty family.

Inês always has a positive attitude and is willing to give her time and energy to make others feel good. She looks forward to meeting you and scheduling all your beauty needs!

Inês is a certified makeup artist whom graduated from the Canadian Beauty College. She has always loved makeup and everything beauty related. Inês also studied theatre for two years, but decided makeup was what she wanted to do as a career.

Inês looks forward to growing with BBBeauty.

Specializes in: Scheduling your Beauty Appointments

Favorite Redken Product: Guts 10

Favorite Beauty Tip: Diffuse your curly hair with your head upside down for added volume.

Favorite Quote: “All the world’s a stage.” – William Shakespeare

Favorite Celebrity: Maire Avgeropoulos

Best Part of my Career: “Making people smile!”



Lori – Hairstylist - @emmellori

Lori has been a hair stylist for the past 28 yrs.

Some of you may already know her, as she has been working as a hairstylist in Newmarket for all of those years.

Lori is honoured to be working here at BBBeauty Boutique, and sharing her passion for the beauty industry with a wonderful team of beauticians.

Lori has enjoyed doing hair ever since she was 12 years old, she knew very young that hairstyling was her life long passion. Lori indulges in constant education to keep her techniques current and on Trend!

It is a pleasure and a privilege to have her clients in her chair, she loves to build wonderful relationships with her clients and share her huge passion for beauty!

Specializes In:
Creative Hair Cuts

Favorite Redken Product:
Velvet Gelatine , it’s the 007 of styling products !

Favourite Beauty Tip:
Less is More… WRONG. MORE IS ALWAYS GOOD! Have Fun with your style!

Favourite Celebrity:
Katy Perry

Favourite Quote:
“You can never have enough sparkles!”

Favourite Part of my Career:
Reaching her clients beauty goals! It’s the best feeling!



Jocelyn – Hairstylist - @beauty_by_jocelyn

Jocelyn started doing hair in 2013, she always loved doing hair as a hobby but took that step further to make her passion her career. This industry allows me to be myself while sharing my passion with the clients whom set in my chair. To Jocelyn being a hairstylist is more than just creating amazing hair for her clients, its building strong relationships with them and understand exactly what they want or need. Being in this industry it has strengthened Jocelyn’s patience and professionalism but mainly Jocelyn loves how doing what she does touches her clients life’s, and Jocelyn absolutely loves that positive impact it makes on her clients. I love what I do and the place I call my hair home now. Jocelyn looks forward to meeting you!

Specializes In:
Creative Colouring

Favourite Redken Product:
All Soft Mega

Favourite Beauty Tip:
Bobby Pins always come in handy on a Rainy day!

Favourite Quote:
“Always look like you’re going somewhere, not like you’re from somewhere.”

Favourite Celebrity:

Best Part of my Career:
“Seeing that smile & confidence on my clients face when they see the end result!”


Makeup Artist

Celeste – Hairstylist Assistant/ Makeup Artist



Tracey Hairstylist - @ traceyhunterhair

I’ve been in the industry Since 2011,  I started working at a salon the month I graduated highschool and have been working in the salon ever since. I’ve always had a good understanding of colour and have been drawn to new creative techniques. I always listen and believe the consultation is the most important part. I love building relationships with my clients and learning more about them every visit.

Stylist level: Level One

Profession Specialty: Balayage, blonding and color

Beauty Tip: when curling your hair leave the last 1-2 inches of hair out for a beachy undone wave

Favourite Redken Product: blondage shampoo and conditioner to keep your blonde bright and healthy
Favourite Quote or words you live by : “don’t let your dreams be dreams”
-Shia Lebeouf

Your Celebrity Inspiration/Fav Celebrity: Margot Robbie

Best Part of your career: transforming my clients hair and making them happy!

Favourite Food: pizza!

Something You couldn’t live without: my dog abbey and dogs in general



Gina - Hairstylist Associate



Laura – Makeup Artist -

Makeup is my way to express myself artistically. It’s a way to bring out everyone’s unique beauty and enhance it. With 21 years of experience, I’ve had the opportunity to travel extensively and be proudly apart of high end fashion shoots, runways, as well as share many brides’ special day. Helping clients create looks they envision and even teaching them along the way little tips and tricks is the best part! Laura looks forward to sharing her MAKEUP ADDICT Makeup Line with you!

Specializes In:
Bridal Makeup

Favourite product:
Liquid Velvet Lip Stains from MAKEUP ADDICT

Favourite beauty tip:
Prior to your makeup application, use a gentle face scrub and always moisturize your face for the best end result.

Favourite quote:
There is a kind of beauty in imperfection.”
–Conrad Hall

Favourite Celebrity:
Always and forever… Madonna

Best part about my career:
“The best part of my career has been all the amazing people I get to meet, sharing chit chat and a laugh and always seeing a smile when they look in the mirror with new found confidence!”

At BBBeauty we want you to LOVE your hair every day. Your satisfaction is our #1 priority! If you have any questions or concerns or would like any adjustments to your cut or colour call to book your complimentary alterations within a week of your appointment. We are more than happy to address your questions.